crypto content writing

Stand out from the rest.

Educate your clients and potential customers.

Show that you acknowledge and understand the digital shift taking place without doing the heavy-lifting of writing, research, and fact-checking.

experienced writers

Our writers are experienced in working with financial service brands ranging from independent RIAs to fintech brands to accounting firms.

Certified digital asset advisors

All of our writers have passed the Certified Digital Asset Advisor (CDAA) course and have a deep understanding of crypto, decentralized finance, and the role it can play in personal finance.

Custom ghostwriting

Custom ghostwriting services to provide you with clean, well-researched content in your voice


• Independent RIAs
• Fintech brands
• DAOs
• Finance publications

Writing services

We currently offer three (3) different writing services:

à la carte

• Content around any crypto-related topic
• SEO-optimized blogs
• Included: Two (2) revisions to the first draft
• Included: Royalty-free images

Current blog turnaround time: 1-3 weeks
For whitepapers: 4-8 weeks

Custom blog (ghostwritten) - starting at $350
Custom whitepaper/guide/eBook - starting at $1,000


Article Four-Pack

• Four (4) blogs/articles around any crypto-related topic
• SEO-optimized
• Royalty-free images
• Two (2) revisions to the first draft of blogs

Total delivery time: 5-8 weeks

Perfect for an "Intro to Crypto" blog series

Custom (ghostwritten) - $1,200

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Crypto Content Writing was founded by Treyton DeVore, CDAA and co-founder of AllStreet Wealth, a financial planning firm designed for millennials & gen z.

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